Attentive While Oblivious Podcast

David M Webb

With only 25 shows, we have rebranded the 15 Minutes of Giving No F*cks Podcast into the new Attentive While Oblivious Podcast. We felt that it gives the show a broader appeal with a more positive vibe.  Don’t get it twisted - the show is still the same as our Divorce Devil Podcast, funny, witty, in-your-face, crazy, entertaining, innovative and sometimes out of control.  The show’s premise has not changed and the goal is still the same - this special podcast is one that is not in the business of making you not care about things but getting you to take a step back and articulate to yourself what is important and what matters in your life. You still attentively care and are aware of everything but the oblivious side allows you to organize your life while pushing the 'fluff' aside. That's what everybody wants in life - less chaos. Every podcast will feature my co-host or a special guest, usually a friend of mine. We will discuss how the art of being attentive while oblivious is incorporated into their daily life.

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