Digging Up Ancient Aliens

Fredrik Trusohamn

Ever watch Ancient Aliens and wonder if any of the claims are true? Join archeologist and podcaster Fredrik Trusohamn as he digs up the truth behind all those crazy theories. Join us for this insightful podcast, where we go thru every episode to see what’s true and what’s not. We will go thru every season and really excavate down to the layers underneath. We might venture out on a few excursions and see what lays further down the horizon. Fredrik will go where few archeologist have gone, armed with a bit of skeptical thinking, research capabilities, dry Swedish wit and a buttload of patience. Might it be that the textbooks need to be updated or is it the show that would need to put out a few corrections? Come with on this journey down thru the layers to the treasure of knowledge in the center. For more info or to contact Fredrik, please visit https://diggingupancientaliens.com or search for "Digging up ancient aliens" on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or that tiktok thing.

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