Welcome to Homelessness Matters, a podcast by Emmaus.We take a fresh approach to understanding homelessness. In every episode, you’ll listen to someone who has actually experienced homelessness, sharing their real stories. In Season Two, we go beyond individual experiences and also ask important questions.Is homelessness just about a few people’s own situations? We think there’s more to it. By talking to experts, we explore how larger factors in our society can lead to homelessness. Each episode will explore a different topic, featuring a guest who has faced homelessness and been supported by one of 30 Emmaus charities across the UK.New episodes will be released every two weeks until December 2023. If you enjoy the podcast, please help to spread the word by leaving a review.- Visit emmaus.org.uk to find out more about Emmaus- Visit emmaus.org.uk/podcast to find out more about each episode

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