Business In His Image - Learn Business From The Bible | Christian Entrepreneurship Podcast

Jo Harris - Business Coach & Copywriting Expert

A Faith-Based Podcast For Christian Entrepreneurs!***Top 10% Podcast***What does the Bible teach about business? That’s what we’ll uncover together on the Business In His Image podcast!This show explores strategies from the Bible to help you grow your business, strengthen your walk with Jesus, and help you reach your God-given potential as an entrepreneur.The Bible is filled with practical wisdom to help you live for God while using your gifts. Let’s unpack what that means for you and how you can use Biblical truths to build a thriving business that honors Christ.I'm your host, Jo Harris - a copywriting expert & business coach passionate about sharing Christ and helping others grow a thriving online business. I'm also a wife, mother, evangelist, and teacher of God’s Word and I'm here to help you grow a flexible business that leaves room for Christ, family, and ministry.Looking for more?Free 5-Day Devotional: Build A Business That Honors Jesus My Website:https://thevirtualmama.comConnect On Instagram:

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