In this podcast I share everything I’ve learned (& continue to) about sacred sexuality, money, building wealth, creating a soul-aligned business/ career and using them all to awaken to your deepest, most true self. As an ex-engineer, I uniquely blend the latest in neuroscience, somatic therapy and practical strategies as well as teachings from ancient traditions such as Tantra, Taoism and Alchemy to give you a framework to live powerfully AF. What I’ve discovered in the past 10 years on my quest to heal myself, know myself and discover how to create a life of my choosing I believe EVERY. WOMAN. SHOULD. KNOW. This is everything you were never taught. This is everything that will give you your power and disrupt the status quo. In this podcast, I cover topics such as; + Sacred sexuality & sexual spiritual awakening + Using your sexual energy as creative energy to tap into your highest purpose + Money mindset & changing your relationship to money + Sexy AF money management + Earning money and being financially supported by your unique gifts, talents & abilities + Consciously creating/ manifesting + Discovering your true path and true self Where you can find me; Instagram: Website: See you in the show! Alex x

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