Politics & Prose with Gail Dudley

Gail Dudley

Welcome to Politics & Prose, the podcast focused on people and politics. Gail Dudley, the audacious advocate is an author and activist committed to evoking an awakening that compels people and communities to move beyond the status quo. Politics & Prose is about elevating and championing authors, activists, analysts, coaches, consultants, influencers, politicians, and strategists. Gail has created a platform to introduce fresh voices through interviewing guests who are relevant to everyday life. Politics & Prose will also share aggregated political data and present it in a way that takes communities from being informed to taking action.New episodes air on Fridays. Follow Gail on Instagram, Twitter, and Post.news @GailDudley and subscribe to her YouTube www.YouTube.com/GailDudley. Tune in to be informed and subscribe to Politics & Prose wherever you listen to podcasts.

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