The Nonprofit Show

American Nonprofit Academy

The Nonprofit Show is the daily live broadcast where our national nonprofit community comes together for problem solving, innovations, and reflections to foster greater social impacts.  Each day the hosts and their guest experts cover relevant topics, from money to management to missions, with fresh thinking and ideas to help you and your nonprofit amplify your social impact and better achieve your mission, vision and values. //Join in with The Nonprofit Show Co-Hosts Julia C. Patrick, CEO of The American Nonprofit Academy and Jarrett Ransom, The Nonprofit Nerd and CEO of The Rayvan Group.   Watch or listen to The Nonprofit Show for new knowledge and amazing inspirations.  Connect with nonprofit and social impact experts from across the globe. More details . . . //Signup to watch the Live video broadcast of The Nonprofit Show and receive a show time reminder: // The Nonprofit Show is a production of the American Nonprofit Academy

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