Heal Your Sales Wounds with Julia Kline

Julia Kline

Sales Wounds™ are a set of 6 self-limiting beliefs - what I call Primary Sales Wounds™ - that take us off our path of being fully and authentically our selves. They are a description of the ways in which forces outside of ourselves have, throughout our lives, made us feel unseen, unsupported and even unsafe; and the coping mechanisms we’ve developed in response. Each Sales Wound™ has a different set of symptoms, or a characteristic pattern of how it shows up in our business or in our life. The path of healing our Sales Wounds™ is one of restoring the bone-deep certainty that we are valued, safe & supported at all times and in all ways. I call this the Master Path. When we’re on it, we are not just making sales and attracting people to us in ways that feels great for both us and them, we’re also living our highest expression of who we’re really meant to be. If you’re drawn to this podcast, I’d imagine that a few things are true about you: • You recognize that selling is a big part of what you do. Maybe you sell products and services in the traditional way we think of salesmanship; maybe you’re more of a fundraiser, selling people on the idea of donating to a cause; or maybe you’re just trying to persuade people to join your movement - whether that’s by growing your social media reach or attracting high caliber people to your team or even running for elected office. • As important as you realize sales is to your mission, you feel a lot of resistance towards it! Either you just don’t do it very much, or you don’t do it well enough (you aren’t successful at it), or maybe you’re super relentlessly great at it - and it leaves you feeling slimy and gross. But if you’re here for a podcast called HEAL your Sales WOUNDS, you’ve also got at least an inkling that whatever is creating your resistance to salesmanship is more complicated than meets the eye. It’s deeper than surface level. And you’re interested in going on a bit of a healing journey to uncover what might be going on for you. If this sounds like you, congratulations! You have indeed found your way to the right place. This podcast is essentially going to be a training workshop. Over the next couple dozen or so episodes I’m going to teach you everything I know about Sales Wounds™, how to recognize them in yourself and also how to begin to heal them. My hope is that it will be a guided journey of self-discovery that will prove extremely fruitful for you.

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