PPSM Baby Brain; Emotional Wellness in Pregnancy, Postpartum and Parenting

Lindsey Hanka

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Minnesota is a non profit organization that helps people struggling with mental health issues during the perinatal time by awareness, advocacy, education and connection to treatment. Pregnancy & Postpartum Support MN began in 2006 when Suzanne Swanson, PhD, a St. Paul psychologist, formed the group with other area mental health professionals with a passion for helping moms and families. The group created the first resource list specific to perinatal mental health. All providers on this list are vetted by the Board, and required to demonstrate education and experience treating pregnant and postpartum parents, and many also have additional competency with related topics, such as perinatal loss, infertility, and trauma. In 2015, PPSM became the Minnesota State Chapter with Postpartum Support International. We are proud to be the 5th State Chapter in the country, and further build our relationship with PSI! This podcast channel is bringing thought leaders, providers, and community members together to talk about perinatal mental health. Mood changes and mental health issues surrounding pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Your host: Lindsey Hanka MN, RN, PHN has been a part of the team at PPSM since 2020. Her roles within PPSM include peer support mentor, member of the PPSM Radhika Lal Snyder Postpartum Doula Program  selection committee, current Helpline Lead, and PPSM Podcast Host. 

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