Confidence by the STARS

Cosmusic LLC

Do you feel held back from your true potential? Amid this societal chaos, are you feeling unsure about your path to self-fulfillment? Welcome to 'Confidence by the STARS,' an astrology podcast that unlocks the secrets of your zodiac sign and provides astrological insights for personal growth and empowerment. Host, Dorrissa D. Griffin, Esq., Founder of Cosmusic, is your personal horoscope hype woman. Overcoming a traumatic brain injury through the transformative power of music and astrology inspired her deep revelation: A unique process-based approach to astrology she calls the STARS method. The STARS method goes beyond understanding your sun, moon, and rising signs – it uses astrology to transform your daily life by empowering you to feel Seen, Tuned In, Accepted, Responsive, and Successful (S.T.A.R.S.). Let's be real—the world's a mess. Jobs are shaky; the future fills us with worry and self-doubt whispers in the shadows. Now, imagine replacing life's uncertainties with a sense of destiny. With the STARS as our guide, we’ll navigate these complexities using astrology as an actionable roadmap for your everyday life. ‘Confidence by the STARS’ explores the intersection of self-improvement, astrology, spirituality, alternative health, music, and art. We will share insights and guidance to help you unlock your full potential. Whether you're a seasoned astrology enthusiast or just beginning your journey, 'Confidence by the STARS' is your guide to self-discovery and empowerment. Follow 'Confidence by the STARS' right now by tapping the plus button on this podcast. Then, tune in on Sundays, weekly, starting January 28th, 2024. Discover the confidence and clarity written in the STARS for you. To learn more, visit #cstarspodcast

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