Hey, Welcome to The Subscription Box Show, where you’ll hear from the world’s top subscription box entrepreneurs and other amazing leaders in all facets of the industry. We deep dive into all aspects of the business so you can take their expertise, knowledge, and experience, and apply it directly to your very own business. I’m your host Eric Musick, and we’ll be talking about an exploding new market. One with seemingly infinite possibilities. The growing world of Subscription boxes. Did you know the subscription box industry has more than doubled each year over the last 5 years? And did you know the subscription e-commerce market is now valued over $10 billion? So whether you’re just starting out, thinking of starting, or struggling to grow, you need to subscribe and start learning from those who have paved the road before us. The goal is simple, to help you grow your business whatever stage it’s at. All I ask in return is that you would share this with all your subscription box friends and let them know this show is free in any app that supports podcasts. You can also get so much more with our Locals community. Exclusive videos, livestreams, post-show wrap-ups and much more. You can join for FREE or become a supporter for as low as $5 a month! Check it out at https://thesubscriptionboxshow.locals.com. Thank you so much for listening, and I look forward to getting to know you better as we grow our businesses together! Now tune in as we think inside the box!!

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