Dr. Dani Chesson and Designer Peter Allan

Welcome to The Design Thinker Podcast, where we explore the theory and practice of design thinking. Join co-hosts Dr Dani Chesson and Designer Peter Allan as they delve into the principles, strategies, and real-world application of design thinking. Each episode takes a deep dive into a topic within design thinking, discussing the foundational theory and bringing theory to life by showcasing the application of theory into practice to solve real-world challenges.  🔍 Theoretical Insights: Build your understanding of design thinking's theoretical underpinnings, exploring its origins, key principles, and evolution over time.🛠️ Practical Applications: Witness the theory in action as we share practical examples and case studies that demonstrate the impact of design thinking on real-world problems.🎙️ Industry Expertise: Engage with thought leaders, industry experts, and practitioners who share their experiences, insights, and innovative applications of design thinking.Whether you're a seasoned designer, a business professional, or simply curious about design thinking,  The Design Thinker Podcast is your passport to exploring the theory and practice of design thinking. 

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