The Art of Crime

Gavin Whitehead

The Art of Crime is a history podcast about the unlikely collisions between true crime and the arts. We take painstaking research and craft it into compelling stories that teach you about society and culture. Each new season covers a different theme. Season 2 is titled "Assassins." It profiles artists who have committed, attempted, or at least been implicated in an assassination. Subjects include John Wilkes Booth, Adolf Hitler, Nero, Andy Warhol, and Leon Trotsky. Also check out Season 1, "The Unusual Suspects: Artists Accused of Being Jack the Ripper." For show notes and full transcripts, visit Follow us on Facebook at Art of Crime Podcast, Instagram @artofcrimepodcast, and Twitter @artofcrimepod. Help us buy books for future research and pay composer Liam Bellman-Sharpe, who writes a unique score for every episode! If you'd like to make a donation, please consider becoming a patron at You can also make a onetime contribution via PayPal. The relevant email address is The Art of Crime is part of the Airwave Media network. To learn more about Airwave, visit

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