Welcome to Imperfection in Progress, a podcast for ambitious women who are people-pleasers, perfectionists or procrastinators. Whether you are busy getting chores done, taking a walk, or on the road, I’d like to invite you to come relax and be imperfect with me.I'm your host, Dawn Calvinisti and my intention with the podcast is to create a community of imperfect women who are willing to admit it and ditch the mask in order to get unstuck and take action to reach their goals.Maybe you’re still a people-pleaser, perfectionist or procrastinator or maybe you are recovering from the 3 p’s. Wherever you are in your journey you’ll find less stress and more joy here.I’ll be interviewing women like you on their journey away from the 3 p’s and into a more fulfilled and purposeful life. We’ll learn how to stress less, lower the bar and truly be our authentic selves.As a recovering people pleaser, perfectionist and procrastinator who now coaches other women in lowering the stress these roles cause and increase the joy in life I’m here to get answers from our guests and maybe offer some too.Let’s pursue progress no matter how imperfectly!

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