Extra Duty Podcast

Joushua Maria

The Extra Duty Podcast is your go-to resource for honest, informative, and engaging discussions about mental health in the military community. Hosted by Joshua Maria, a military veteran who has personally experienced mental health challenges, this podcast is a safe and supportive space for service members, their families, and mental health professionals to come together and break the stigma around mental health.Each episode of The Extra Duty Podcast features in-depth interviews with mental health experts, veterans, and individuals who have experienced mental health issues. Through these conversations, Joshua offers valuable insights, resources, and coping strategies to help listeners navigate mental health challenges and stay mentally healthy and resilient.Whether you're a service member struggling with PTSD, a family member seeking support, or a mental health professional looking for new insights, The Extra Duty Podcast has something for you. With a focus on creating a culture of support and understanding, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone who is passionate about mental health awareness and building a stronger, more resilient military community.Subscribe to The Extra Duty Podcast today and be part of the conversation.#ExtraDutyPodcast #MentalHealthAwareness #MilitaryCommunity #BreakingTheStigma #PTSD #Depression #Anxiety #SupportAndUnderstanding #CopingStrategies #Resilience #HonestConversations #ExpertInsights #VeteranVoices #MentalHealthResources #ApplePodcasts #Spotify

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