Choose Your Next Yes! Change Careers, Midlife Woman, Empty Nester, Mindset, Life After Forty, Life After Fifty, Decision Making

Dr. Mel Vandevort - Career Coach, Midlife Mastery Coach, Woman Entrepreneur, Empowering Woman

*Are you in a new midlife or empty nest season of your life? *Are you a professional woman searching for clarity about a career switch?*Do you need the courage to start your own business?*Are you a Christian ready to confidently follow God's plan for your life and career?<p> </p>Welcome to Choose Your Next Yes! Hi Kindred. I'm Mel, a professional midlife woman, mom of grown-ups, coffee, and Jesus lover. I have had a lot of big, life changes and I haven’t always been clear about God’s plan for me. This lead to stress, anxiety, and a lack of courage to change careers completely. I finally stopped being scared to move and started listening to God’s voice to find clarity and peace and achieve my career transition goals. <p></p>And now, my mission is to help you learn to listen to God’s voice and know when to say yes to the career you've always wanted and no to everything else. Let me show you how to clarify your purpose, and pursue your personal and professional goals in this next phase of life.<p> </p>In this podcast, I teach you how to:<p> *Clarify God's Plan for your life*Courageously transition your career*Focus on yourself and your career in the next phase of life<p> </p> Kindred, it’s time to focus on yourself and reclaim the women you once aspired to be.<p> 

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