Survival Mode

IBGR onAir Talent Bert Robinson, Kevin Beers & Michael Grant Jr.

We began our journey in media with a video podcast called Survival Mode, Watcha Doin'. We simply wanted to find a way to reach more people who could benefit from an education on how money works. Shortly after beginning the podcast, an opportunity to become hosts of an Internet radio show emerged. We called it simply, Survival Mode. The IBGR network offered us a Friday at noon. one hour slot to broadcast our message. Kevin was reluctant at first because it was an intimidating proposition. But Bert had made a career as a radio host and assured him it was do-able. And that's how we began as radio hosts. We thought we would talk about business finance for small businesses, but it was soon clear that entrepreneurs required far more help than only finances. So the show expanded into much more. Now we cover every facet of the small business world. We added a 3rd host, Michael Grant, Jr. A business consultant who started a business that was recognized on the Forbes 100 Fastest Growing Companies. On this podcast, we talk about how to start a business from your first idea to opening your doors. You can tune into the radio show on Fridays at noon, or listen to the recorded shows 24/7. Our video podcasts are found on YouTube and right here on this website. Download the IBGR Business Growth Radio App for Android and iOS to catch the show live and gain access to even more resources. Find the IBGR Business Growth Radio App on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

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