The sports world has been greening itself since at least 2004, with LEED certified venues, zero waste games and eco-athletes becoming the rule. Despite this, most fans have no idea about any of this. GreenSportsPod exists to build awareness of Green-Sports and, by so doing, make good on the ability for sport, as Nelson Mandela once said, “to change the world” when it comes to climate change and other environmental calamities. Listeners will learn about the Green-Sports movement’s successes, challenges and opportunities through our interviews with the people who green the games we love to play and watch, and the athletes who are taking positive environmental actions. Host Lew Blaustein has built GreenSportsBlog into the source for news and commentary at the intersection of Green & Sports. He also is a sustainability-focused marketing and communications consultant, helping companies and non-profits create, tell and sell their green stories. Learn more and subscribe to the show today at

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