The Scalpel of Truth with Leisa Krauss

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Tired of the same old nonsense in the aesthetics industry? Craving unfiltered insights to take your practice to the next level? Look no further than The Scalpel of Truth Podcast, hosted by Leisa Krauss, The Bitch'n Beautician. With three decades of experience, Leisa peels back the surface to reveal the truth behind medical aesthetics. Each episode dives deep into the hottest topics, delivered with precision and punch. From provocative Rant-a-roonies to practice growth strategies, The Scalpel of Truth is the must-listen podcast for the medical aesthetics industry. Leisa's no-nonsense approach and sharp insights will have you hooked from the start. Fair warning: this podcast isn't for the easily offended! Leisa's truth bombs and reality checks are designed to give you the insights needed to succeed in this competitive industry. If you're ready to steer your practice to the forefront and unlock the secrets of success—and you bring your thick skin—The Scalpel of Truth is for you. Subscribe now on your favorite podcast platform and never miss a beat in the world of medical aesthetics. With The Scalpel of Truth, you'll cut through the noise and reach new heights of success. You’re on the sharp edge—welcome to The Scalpel of Truth.

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