Mi365 Daily Intentions

Pete Cohen & Dr Ray Sylvester

Mi365 Daily Intentions with Pete Cohen & Dr Ray Sylvester Welcome to the Mi365 podcast. I am Pete Cohen, and my mission is to help people. I want to be intentional about the way I show up. And I want to reach all who want to understand how to begin, recognise and improve their daily intentions. My heart and focus has always been on people. I am 'The Peoples Coach'. So is creating and managing an intentional life easy? Simply it is not! We will explore the barriers that get in the way. How do some successfully connect to their daily intentions? We will listen and gain insight from those who have established daily intentions. Are you content with your health, wealth and happiness? We will discover the ways to improve them. This podcast will provide the opportunity for you to be intentional! You will be able to say I know "My Intentions" (My) 365 days a year! Intention episodes will be delivered every week! Please listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast or any podcast app.

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