The Align + Attract podcast weaves together together business, energetics, healing and psychology to support you to uplevel your business and move through the Stuff that comes up as you grow a Spiritual, Soulful business - with greater ease. Kerry Rowett has supported many well-known six and seven figure female Spiritual Entrepreneurs with their energy and mindset for over 15 years. She is a qualified Holistic Kinesiologist and Reiki Master with a Diploma in Positive Psychology.As a seasoned healer + entrepreneur, Kerry knows what it takes to breakthrough business income plateaus or dips, heal the parts of yourself activated through growth or challenge, to upgrade your identity, navigate new seasons in life and also evolve your body of work, offers and your business in response to changes in what you desire and in what the market requires. Stick around and you might just create a Paradigm Shift in how you see yourself, your business and what you are capable of creating.

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