www.DiskGolfn.com: 1st-time course Play-by-Play recordings with Language Warning. I travel a lot and have decided to share my experiences and adventures in Disc Golf. So if you like this stuff, tag along. Let's have some disc golf fun; disclaimer...I'm not a professional and not trying to coach anyone, just someone who loves the game.Foul language may and WILL occur when I fail to execute the ability to throw or play this game properly. The worse the game, the worse it gets, so be warned. I'm a PDGA member and will play it in more sanctioned events as time goes on. I will podcast that progress as well. WARNING: Episodes will sometimes contain foul language because we know what happens when we play disc golf, and things don't go as planned. It requires verbal expressions that can offend people with thin skin. - JT, this podcast is a product of JTNorton.com 

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