The Change Podcast

The Climate Change Project

The Change brings together words and women, who in the permutation of 26 letters, over the course of 10 episodes, bridge some of the boundaries that exist and persist between women & technology in the Anthropocene. This podcast is an attempt to fill knowledge gaps. Knowledge gaps that we will bridge through the lens and expertise of the women contributing to this podcast. Our interviewees are the conduit through which we will outline the fundamentals of climate tech. Through them, we will highlight the complex interdependencies and incomplete knowledge that defines our present understanding of gender equity and technology's tie in with climate breakdown. There is a huge disconnect between those who understand the possibilities of climate tech and those who truly understand the climate breakdown problem. The women we interview connect both topics by professionally bridging both worlds. The medium is very much the message here, one through which we have the option to embrace the complexities and various conflicts in the reasoning, narratives, and institutional protocols around climate tech and climate breakdown. A climatic breakdown that is making marginal existences even more fragile by disproportionately affecting women in developing countries. The Change was designed to speak to and problem-solve the realities of the unconnected and the voiceless majority. It is as much about and for the women at the mercy of the climate crisis as it is about learning from and spotlighting the women developing, financing, and procuring climate tech in the Anthropocene. Curiosity pays unexpected dividends. Click the links below for more insights and interviews for your world within. Subscribe Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter

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