Are you feeling heavy in your mind and body? Frustrated with stress and comfort eating? Are you afraid of ‘failing’ again when it comes to weight loss and have all but given up? Permanent weight loss doesn’t have to feel hard or restrictive. You can be successful in losing and maintaining weight like you are successful in many other areas of your life. As a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach, I understand that you feel overwhelmed by the contradicting weight loss options. That is why after helping hundreds of clients lose weight, I created a unique program that is completely customizable, and simple. It doesn’t leave you feeling deprived. Imagine no more yo-yo diet mentality or feeling hopeless. There’s a better way, my friend. Real women of all ages and stages of life are enjoying feeling lighter in their minds and body. Join me, Clarenda Price, your Feel Light Mind & Body coach weekly for motivation, tactics, and tips for some quick wins and lasting results. The BONUS is an improved relationship with yourself and others. Get ready to shed that heaviness and replace it with peace and ease. Let's go!

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