Piece of Work with Danielle Tantone

Danielle Tantone

We’ve all looked at someone, shaking our heads in annoyance, disgust, or disbelief and muttering under our breath…“Boy, she’s a real piece of work!” But every time I hear myself feeling that way toward another person, a little voice inside me says, “Oh yeah, well who are you to judge? You’re the biggest piece of work around!” As I worked to write my memoir over so many years, trying to make sense of a story where I was way too often the bad guy instead of the hero, I came to understand that we are all a piece of work. But we’re also a work in progress. And even in our messiness, we are a work of art, too. All at the very same time. Life and work are beautiful and messy. This podcast will explore the stories and struggles that make us human, and all the ways we work to make sense of it all. Welcome to Piece of Work, the podcast.

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