Life Designer with Jingyu Chen

Jingyu Chen

Capturing once in a lifetime moment and each encounter is one of a kind and unique. Life designer is looking to genuine and meaningful human connection, and telling candid human stories. In each episode, I will interview an amazing talent coming from all around the world across all different industries. They are artists, creatives, professionals, entrepreneurs, slash everything, and they are all on their journey to pursue their mission with a passion. It's their story-telling about how they become their own life designers! Please feel free to visit my website to find more information: am also running  my solo podcast ‘Jing Lens’ -- my lifestyle diary . Here I share daily hustle and grind,  small joys from my travel and hobbies,  exercise routine, self-care practice, and reflection on my personal growth, etc., I consider Jing Lens as my dynamic diary to document and capture evolving and ( hopefully elevating) journey of my lifestyle. Lifestyle is a bit overkill buzzword today but I have always been drawn to this word, spending years and years searching and building my lifestyle. I guess  I finally reach this self-validation point to feel may be able to to share some mindset and practice from  an ordinary person’s life to provide one possible form of wholesome and joyful living.Both podcasts are located in my website. My website is like  my container where I put my heart and soul to curate .  Please feel free to visit my website to check in  both podcasts if you are interested. Thank you so much for listening to my podcasts! 

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