The EDGECELSIOR Show: Stories and Strategies for Scaling Edge Compute

Pete Bernard

When you ask people what "edge compute" is you get a range of answers - cloud compute  and dev ops, with devices and sensors with semiconductors outside the data center, including connectivity, AI and a security's a stew of technologies that's powering our vehicles, our buildings, our factories and more.It's also filled with fascinating people that are passionate about their tech, their story, and their world. The EDGECELSIOR SHOW makes sense of what edge compute is, who's doing it and how it can transform your business (and you!) Hosted by Pete Bernard, who built famous and infamous products and businesses in Silicon Valley and Microsoft. Now you can hear from Pete and industry leaders about not only their journeys but also how 5G, semiconductors, IoT, security and AI can scale your business and scale yourself.

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