The EDGE Podcast delivers you hard hitting, ACTIONABLE, real world lessons, to give you an edge to win in your business and your life. Your Host Brandon White, described as a fierce competitor, disciplined and intense, yet warm, by friends and colleagues...Brings you lessons learned from over two decades of successes and failures in the trenches as an entrepreneur, business owner and human.From crack of dawn caffeine fueled day trading days to fund his first company and emptying the office trash can, to getting a check for $50,000 in the car on the way home from fishing with an investor…on a handshake.Starting in a spare bedroom he raised millions of dollars, and then was forced to close the company because of the Dot Com crash. Stubborn, relentless or simply insane, a day later he bought it back from the investors and grew it for the next ten years until selling it to a large media company for life changing money.Then, Brandon packed up his family and drove from the East Coast through a once in lifetime ice storm to their new house on the California coast. Only to start a new company and new storyline.Brandon’s been through it all, and he and friends share the playbooks with you to give you an edge to get the most out of your time, talent and ideas.Listen daily for your EDGE.

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