Leadership and Wellbeing

Hayden Fricke

Welcome to Leadership and Wellbeing. I’m your host, Hayden Fricke, and in this podcast we'll dive deep into the realms of leadership, performance, and well-being, sharing stories, research, and interviews that I've gathered throughout my three-decade journey in these fields. If you're keen on discovering the secrets to long-term success while nurturing your well-being, then this is a podcast for you.Over the course of this series, I'll share stories, anecdotes, evidence, research, and interviews to help you understand the barriers to achieving this balance and provide you with the skills and tools needed to drive both long-term, sustainable performance and well-being for yourself and those you lead. Stay tuned for more episodes that will empower you to unlock your full potential as a leader while nurturing your own well-being and that of your team and organisation.

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