Step into the world of 'Lazy & Entitled,' the podcast that playfully challenges assumptions while inviting you into the vibrant lives of Addy and Esther, two irresistible Gen Z students navigating the colorful landscape of a liberal arts college in upstate New York. Despite the tongue-in-cheek title, this playful duo can’t be labeled lazy or entitled. They invite you to eavesdrop on their spirited conversations, turning the mundane into the entertaining and comical. With a mix of empathy, humor, and curiosity, they openly share their experiences and occasionally welcome special guests to foster a deeper understanding of complex topics for themselves and their peers. Join 'Lazy & Entitled' every week or so for an unscripted rendezvous with Esther and Addy, where stereotypes meet their match. Each episode promises a blend of fun, insight, and the feeling of sharing a table with two captivating young voices.

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