Welcome to StoryHelix! Intertwining stories past, present, and not yet imagined, told by folks in Lane County, Oregon.Wordcrafters in Eugene began this project with the idea of making our area a braver, safer, more beautiful, and more equitable place to live. We believe, as Chinua Achebe put it, that stories create people, create stories. Meaning, the stories we tell ourselves and other people make us who we are. Because of this, we also believe that if we are to move into a better imagined future, a reckoning with our past and current stories is needed. As Alice Walker said, “Healing begins where the wound was made.”The StoryHelix project invites us to trace our "EUGeneology" and examine what stories we have inherited, and what stories we will pass down.You can read more about the project, about Wordcrafters in Eugene, about our sponsors and community partners, and send in your own Lane County, Oregon stories at StoryHelix.Wordcrafters.Org. Thanks for listening!

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