Welcome to The Shatterproof Entrepreneur Podcast— where faith meets fortitude in the world of business.The Shatterproof Entrepreneur podcast transcends conventional business discussions— it's a soul-stirring exploration of how entrepreneurs can shape their enduring legacies. Hosted by Scott Reib, this podcast offers a transformative journey by unveiling a riveting blueprint for cultivating resilient, faith-driven businesses. Scott is an entrepreneur and business lawyer who has seen firsthand how faith can provide strength and guidance during challenging times. Scott aims to share inspiring stories of faith-driven entrepreneurs and provide practical advice for building resilient legacies grounded in purpose.Our faith calls us to support one another through both prosperity and struggle. By sharing our stories, we find community and strength. And so, we invite you to join our growing family— interact with us on social media, and leave a review to help others discover this message of hope. Your insights will surely enrich future discussions. Together, we can build a shatterproof future!

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