On The Gold Prospecting 2 Mining with Kevin Hoagland

Kevin Hoagland

Welcome to On The Gold, a podcast created around education and practical application of gold prospecting and small scale mining. I am your host Kevin Hoagland, and I invite you to join me as I share with you, my 50+ years of prospecting and mining experience. My one goal is for my guests and I to help you become a better prospector, we are committed to helping you find more gold. My guests and I will cover, in detail the basics of understanding gold geology, the methods, and the true art of prospecting and recovering gold. From lode veins and river concentrates to Desert Bajadas, from pan to detector, excavator to the refiner, we will cover it all. On The Gold offers you the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from and industry leaders. I know that we can help you find more gold. I invite you to subscribe to the On The Gold podcast. And as always, I invite you to join me out here, On the Gold.

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