Rewild My Bio is a self-help and alternative health podcast where host Shawn Slade, the occasional co-host, and guests share stories, science, and strategies that aim to inspire listeners to integrate their lifestyle with the cycles of the living Earth. Join us as Shawn interviews an eclectic line up of wild and wonderful guests who share their stories and expertise on reconnecting various aspects of modern civilization with nature and local ecosystems. Topics vary based on guests' area of expertise. Commonly discussed subjects include health promotion, nature connection, personal development, spirituality, ancestral and holistic health, plant medicine, biohacking, entrepreneurship, outdoor/survival skills, wild food procurement and preparation, regenerative agriculture, and a breadth of environmental and socio-economic issues. ​From wild food and survival skills to meditation techniques and leadership coaching, the Rewild My Bio Podcast is the ultimate resource for anyone wanting to live in greater harmony with the Earth to enhance health, happiness, and sense of purpose. ​ Stop by to sign up for the newsletter so you can stay current on upcoming episodes and bonus content and research from Shawn. Please subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on your platform of choice. Thanks for listening and stay wild!

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