The Legal MD Podcast

Dr. David Grundy and Sydney Delaney

Welcome to The Legal MD Podcast! Your hosts, Sydney Delaney and Dr. David Grundy, a renowned medical legal consultant with years of experience in clinical practice and forensic medicine, bring you insightful discussions and analysis on the intersection of medicine and law.In this podcast, we delve deep into the complex issues that arise in cases of medical malpractice, wrongful death, and personal injury. Sydney and Dr. Grundy, along with their expert guests, including top attorneys, medical professionals, and industry leaders, provide a comprehensive understanding of the legal and medical aspects involved in these cases.Each episode features captivating case stories that have had profound impacts on suit resolution. Attorneys will find many practical strategies and tips to increase their case settlement values.Whether you're an attorney, medical professional, law student, or are simply fascinated by the intersection of medicine and law, The Legal MD Podcast offers you a wealth of knowledge and thought-provoking discussions. Don't miss out on our engaging conversations with industry experts. Hit that subscribe button now and never miss an episode! Get ready to broaden your understanding of the fascinating world where medicine and law intersect. 

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