Impact of Influence: The Murdaugh Family Murders and Other Cases

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The Murdaugh family was one of South Carolina's most powerful legal families. Three generations of Murdaughs held the position of solicitor in the lowcountry for almost one hundred years. In February of 2019 a boat crash killed 19 year old Mallory Beach. Paul Murdaugh, the son of prominent SC attorney, Alex Murdaugh, was charged with three felony counts of boating under the influence, including causing the death of Mallory Beach. June 7, 2021 Alex Murdaugh found his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, brutally murdered, shot to death on their property known as Moselle. On March 2, 2023 Alex was convicted of murdering Maggie and Paul. Between the murders and the convictions many other crimes came to light. No one could have expected the twists and turns the story has taken and it is not finished. Seton Tucker and Matt Harris started the Impact of Influence podcast soon after the murders of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. You may have seen them talking about the Murdaugh saga on CourtTV, Murdaugh documentaries on Oxygen and Fox Nation and episodes on American Greed and Nancy Grace. Seton and Matt continue updating the Murdaugh story and are now covering other crimes that have occurred throughout the Southeast. Impact of Influence is now a Youtube channel You can find them on their Impact of Influence FB page or

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