Are you yearning for real girl-talk on the field of Christian battle? You’re in the right place. We may talk about “coffee & cute stuff” but we also dive deeply into the “messy” of journeying with Jesus: self-care, “hard” things, relationships, and boundaries. We do it all while keeping a biblical worldview. Occasionally, we’ll bring in some guests you’ll love, too, who will teach and inspire.⁣⁣“Sacred Grounds” podcast with Leigh Mackenzie and Robin Wisner is here to equip, encourage and empower YOU, our virtual #battlebuddies, to shine light in dark places. Each week we’ll give you THREE THINGS to motivate you to become the powerhouse warrior God created you to be.⁣⁣ About Your Hosts: Inspiring others through writing and speaking, Leigh (“The Church Girl Writes”) brings years of professional biblical research and raw honesty into the conversation. Robin, CEO of LightHer Way Wellness, will bring you clarity and practical steps to becoming the best Christian woman you can be. If you’re tired of fighting the battle alone, come be part of our #battlebuddybrigade

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