Never Been Promoted

Thomas Helfrich

"Never Been Promoted" offers an intimate journey into the depths of the intersection of the entrepreneurial journey and life, where business isn't just about balance sheets, but a profound reflection of personal introspection, feelings, and the intricate balance of life's emotions. Inspired by the pivotal book, "Never Been Promoted | Unleash Your Entrepreneur - 50 Entrepreneurial Life Lessons to Unleash Your Entrepreneur," this podcast is not only a guide for the entrepreneurially inclined but a reflection for anyone seeking meaning in both professional and personal spheres.Thomas Helfrich, your host, delves beyond just the mechanics of building a business. He embarks on rich conversations with path-breaking founders, innovative entrepreneurs, insightful investors, and industry visionaries. Together, they unearth the profound effects of the entrepreneurial journey on one's psyche, emotions, family, and friendships. They share personal stories bursting with resilience, tenacity, sacrifices, and transformative experiences, all set against the backdrop of a relentless entrepreneurial drive.Each episode is a window into the heart and soul of those who've ventured beyond convention, revealing the symbiotic relationship between personal growth, emotional challenges, and the enterprise they nurture. Whether you're a seasoned executive, an aspiring entrepreneur waiting for that breakthrough moment, or someone carving a distinct personal path, "Never Been Promoted: The Entrepreneurial Crossroads" shines a light on the emotional roller-coaster that entrepreneurship inevitably brings with it.Engage in this evocative exploration of the entrepreneurial journey, understanding that it's more than just business; it's a deeply personal voyage, weaving stories, lessons, emotions, and passions into the tapestry of entrepreneurial success.

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