The Go2Girls Advice & Mixology Show


What’s your guilty pleasure on a Friday night? .....Maybe a little something sweet, spicy, and super saucy? The Go2Girls are dishing it up HOT! Move over “DEAR ABBY” we're a group of friends with drinks in hand ready to tackle your "WHAT SHOULD I DO'S?"Our happy hour is like no other. We weigh in on some jaw-dropping, scandalous and for sure entertaining stories from REAL listeners with nothing off-limits and nothing censored. The only professional experience we have is our "Been There..Done That's" so you’ll get honest advice with a little bit of attitude. We’ll serve up our thoughts with plenty of humour and a whole lot of sass! Expect real-talk and pure entertainment from your trusty, and sometimes tipsy co-hosts. So, grab your GO2 bevy, get comfy and prepare for the shocking, moving, and downright hilarious stories you’ll hear each and every episode. if you need advice on your “what should I do” or you just wanna share a secret and stay anonymous while doing it….Hit us up for all things related to relationships, life and the fu**ed-up things that go along with it. Like and subscribe TODAY and you’ll be the first to know when new episodes of the best advice podcast on the planet drop each and every Friday night!ASKGO2GIRLS is available on all podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Stitcher

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