The Nerdie Therapist

Jen Hyatt

Roll the dice and venture forth into "The Nerdie Therapist," where therapy meets enchantment and creativity flourishes. Guided by Jen Hyatt, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist from the mystical shores of sunny California, this podcast is your portal to a world where the mundane, heroic, and mystical realms merge seamlessly.At The Nerdie Therapist (TNT), we explore the rich tapestry of psychotherapy, blending ancient lore with modern innovation to forge a unique path on the therapeutic quest. Each episode is a vibrant gathering of authenticity and unconventional methods, crafted to empower and inspire therapists, mental health professionals, and all adventurers drawn to the weaving together of psychology, fandom, and mysticism.Travel with us on a journey through the magical landscapes of mental health and wellness. From epic tales of resilience in therapy to strategies for personal and professional growth, "The Nerdie Therapist" invites you to channel wisdom, compassion, and geeky enthusiasm. Navigate the depths of the human experience and discover your inner hero with every tale told.Join our community of mystical seekers by subscribing to "The Nerdie Therapist." Never miss an episode of this enchanting adventure as we continue to conjure wonders together, challenging the conventional realms of mental health. Tune in, and let’s shake things up in the most magical way possible.TOS (2022-2023): Therapists Off Script is a podcast designed with therapists in mind as we discuss all things psychotherapy practice…the good, the bad, and the truly mind blowing adventure of being a therapist in process as we dive deep, join together, and empower others for the journey of a lifetime. 

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