PassionCast : Voices Worth Listening #DrPassionTalkThis series which releases 2 monthly Talks, is hosted by Dr Sok-ho Trinh, aka Dr Passion, a Passionologist: doctor in Positive Psychology and Leadership studies. Dr Passion and his worldly guests, discuss valuable topics for lC-suite leaders, senior managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and anyone who is looking for a sense of purpose and passion, happiness and success in life and work.Some of the topics may include: the dark side of leadership, employees and team engagement, the search for a life purpose and Ikigai, high performing teams in a virtual setting, post Covid, mechanisms of change management, and many more...Dr Trinh has worked for 20 years in multinationals in leadership roles, as an entrepreneur, a board advisor, a mentor, an executive & life coach , and an academic. He holds a BSc, a MSc, a MBA, a CPCC, a PCC, a PGCE, and a PhD. He also is a professionally trained actor, performer and a singer-songwriter.

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