Thank you for listening in on the Take 2 Podcast, we are now on a small "hiatus" and busy recording SEASON 2! Stay tuned.--Welcome to the Take 2 Podcast, where hosts Brooke  and Ricus dive deep into the world of leadership and success with some of the most influential, inspiring, and impactful leaders and entrepreneurs of our timeIn each episode, they share their personal stories, insights, and practical tips to help you become a better leader, build a ground breaking brand, achieve next level success, and find personal fulfillment.Take 2 is all about having frank, informative, humorous, action-driven, different,  impactful and REAL conversations. Hosts Brooke and Ricus have different TAKES. They are from different countries, different industries and different generations. Each take, though different, have the same goal: to create REAL LEADERSHIP in the world, in business, and in LIFE.They cover a range of topics, from managing teams, to creating wealth to building a successful career, and share their own successes and failures along the way.Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out on your journey, the Take 2 Podcast has something for you. Join Brooke and Ricus as they inspire, motivate, and guide you towards greater success and fulfillment in your personal and professional journey.

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