You Are A Lawyer: Take Risks and Change Careers in Law

Kyla Denanyoh

You Are A Lawyer is an interview podcast that promotes lawyers with fearless career changes, ambitious side hustles, and extraordinary lives. On this top-rated podcast, Kyla holds space for lawyers to be transparent and honest about their law school experiences, transitions out of the law, or the leaps they took to become a filmmaker, yogi, beauty brand founder, entrepreneur, etc. Ranked at 42 of the Top 90 Legal Podcasts, this podcast will motivate you to start that side hustle, challenge you to find a nontraditional career, and push you to embrace the hobby you’ve been hiding. So ask yourself, are you an ambitious lawyer who feels limited in your career? A law student who daydreams about impacting the world? Did you struggle with the bar exam, and now you’re bored with the law? Listen to You Are A Lawyer and discover new careers, amazing passions, and advice from lawyers who will motivate you to find new ways to use your law degree. Whether you’re working as an artist, tech investor, coach, or blogger, if you’ve graduated from law school, YOU ARE A LAWYER, and your law degree is valuable. Find more episodes and resources at Join the email list and get introduced to more fearless lawyers every week.

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