COBS Podcast

Community of Broken Spirit

Welcome to the COBS Podcast (Community of Broken Spirit Podcast). We are a group of people who unwittingly became a community when we found ourselves together in a business. Through years of meeting and working together, we, from different church backgrounds, discovered just what it takes to love one another, warts and all. As God empowered us to comprehend His incredible love, we found ourselves more and more distant from the institutional Church, finding it somewhat consumed, preoccupied and quite removed from the lives we live. It was not exactly a healthy place to be in, for us, and our families. We returned to His simple gospel - to know God, to be loved and to love one another. Perhaps, this place may inspire some, like us before, who inadvertently found themselves without a life or a church, to desire after Him again. Each season we will be sharing stories of our members, sharing the raw, unedited journey of how we came to find Christ and what our lives look like today. We hope by sharing our stories, we can inspire others to avoid the mistakes we made and encourage each other to keep going!

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