The Room Xchange Podcast

Ludwina Dautovic, CEO and Founder - The Room Xchange

Welcome to Australia's Premier Housing and Rental Podcast. Ludwina Dautovic, CEO and Founder of, hosts an engaging show dedicated to tackling the pressing issues of housing affordability and the rental crisis in Australia.With a staggering 13.5 million unused spare bedrooms across 10 million homes nationwide, we, as Australia's sole verified house-sharing platform, present a unique solution to address these challenges. These untapped housing resources, often owned by individuals facing multiple interest rate hikes, hold the key to unlocking affordable housing for everyday renters.Our podcast serves as an essential voice, shedding light on the scarcity of rental supply in various cities, leaving countless individuals without access to affordable housing. We are committed to offering practical solutions and showcasing how our platform provides an instant remedy to the housing crisis, with positive impacts on the environment, society, and sustainability.What sets us apart? Not only our innovative service but also our exceptional podcast guests. We take pride in featuring industry leaders from the rental and housing sectors, along with government representatives, who share invaluable insights and expertise.Our podcast creates a platform for our community to share personal stories, fostering understanding and awareness in a supportive space. Beyond entertainment, we firmly believe our podcast makes a genuine difference in the lives of everyday Australians.Join the conversation and let's work together to make a positive impact on the future of housing in Australia. Subscribe now.➜ To find out more go to: ➜ Email: ➜ All Social Media: @theroomxchange

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