Talking Success: Igniting the Global FinTech Revolution by TalentintheCloud


Talking Success is a riveting podcast powered by TalentintheCloud, the renowned Executive Search Firm with a laser focus on FinTech wizardry. Your host, Darren Franks, takes you on an exhilarating journey, engaging with titans of the industry – the visionaries who are CEOs, Founders, Investors, and Leaders shaping the FinTech landscape.Immerse yourself in the pulsating heart of the FinTech sector as we unravel its secrets, complexities, and innovations. This podcast is the beacon that enlightens, empowers, and unifies the global FinTech tribe. Whether you're a FinTech enthusiast who breathes binary code or a curious newcomer eager to decrypt the FinTech lexicon, this podcast is your gateway to the future of finance!Don't let your FinTech hiring needs become a challenge. Lean on our expertise and consultation support to strategically grow, expand, and recruit the best. Book a call with us and step into the future:

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