The Drone Pilots....never seen, only heard With a style harking back to the lost art of mixing, The Drone Pilots have been exploring atmospheric, deep, and classic progressive genres for more than a decade. Both producer and DJ, The Drone Pilots' brand of cinematic sounds offers the opening soundtrack for late night parties and downtempo after-hours. Layering textures of floating aural atmospheres and subtle beats on up to 6 decks, this immersive electronic experience spans time, from the genre's classics to the latest progressive sounds. A refined mix with a uniquely Cinematic Progressive vibe, as heard on their popular monthly mixtapes. The Drone Pilots mixtrap drops monthly. Here's what some other artists are saying: “The Drone Pilots are a fantastic and fresh take on the mix show. An amazing auditory experience” - BT "This artist is unique" - Bynomic "Beautiful work" - Galestian

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