We Are Already Free

Nathan Maingard

Are you tired of feeling isolated, overwhelmed, and crushed by society's expectations? Liberate yourself and embrace a life of authenticity, abundance, and joy with the We Are Already Free podcast! Hosted by empowering wordsmith, breathwork facilitator, and transformational guide Nathan Maingard, this weekly podcast is designed for free-spirited seekers who dare to challenge the status quo and live outside the box. Join us every Thursday as we explore topics like sovereignty, wellness, spirituality, personal development, homesteading, and whole-food nutrition. Our deeply vulnerable conversations with inspiring guests such as The Holistic Psychologist, Chef Pete Evans, Tara Couture of Slow Down Farmstead, and many more, will empower you to reclaim your truth, release limitations, and reconnect with your innate sense of wonder. Subscribe to the We Are Already Free podcast now and start your journey towards a more vibrant, abundant, and joyful life. Together, let's remember the simple truth: We Are Already Free!

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