Don’t Be the CEO of Happiness: Why Culture is Defined by a Team (with Colleen McCreary, Chief People, Places, & Publicity Officer at Credit Karma)

Thursday 10 February 2022
00:00 Taking responsibility and ownership is a crucial skill for leaders, but what if there are certain things leaders shouldn’t be fully responsible for? Today’s guest is Colleen McCreary, the Chief People, Places, & Publicity Officer at Credit Karma. In this episode, Colleen talks about leading people through acquisition and how managers can lead their team through the turbulence of a big change. Colleen shares the different strategies she used, like weekly emails and an off-the-bus package, in order to retain a good company culture and navigate changes as smoothly as possible. Lastly, we talk about why Colleen is NOT the CEO of Culture but rather the product manager of systems and tools.

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