The Spouse Benefit Plan by US VetWealth

Jen Amos

The Spouse Benefit Plan - Helping military couples and seasoned spouses keep or opt out of the Survivor Benefit Plan Check out our growing list of resources at our website or contact Jen at Connect with us on social media: The Spouse Benefit Plan has been appeared or featured in M.E. Magazine, USVW TV, Military Money Mistakes, Lessons Learned for Vets Podcast, Get2Vet Podcast, ShoutoutSoCal and The Rosie Network's 5th National Veteran & Military Spouse Entrepreneur Awards. This show is intended to be educational and not to be taken as financial advice. To discuss your unique financial situation, reach out to our show sponsor, US VetWealth at or email Jen Amos Enjoy our show? Kindly leave us a 5-Star written review on Apple Podcasts, Podchaser or write a LinkedIn Recommendation for Jen Want to hear more from Jen? Check out our parent show and award-winning podcast, Holding Down the Fort

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